PopQuiz! includes over 500 questions from a variety of topics such as Math, Physics, and Chemistry. The challenge is that you only have 10 seconds to answer each question. Try your best to continue your streak and increase your Top Score by answering correctly. Remember to have fun! Share your Top Scores with friends and see how long you can keep your streak of correct answers going! 

The app is currently available on the Windows Store and Google Play!  The app is perfect for staying alert and keeping your brain active during long train, subway, or bus rides on your daily commute.  Use this app to help keep your mind alert and working to help strengthen your most important organ (your brain)!

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Available on the Windows Store

Available on Google Play

 Debouncer (FREE DEMO)

FREE DEMO Available on Google Play

Debouncer is a fun game where the player uses a paddle to bounce a Bouncing Artillery around to destroy all obstacles. The obstacles range in difficulty, taking either 1, 3, or 5 hits to destroy.

The levels will also increase in difficulty as the player progresses! The player uses the touch-keys to control the paddle movement and rotation. The player must react quickly to keep the Bouncing Artillery in air and avoid the spikes! Every Bouncing Artillery that is destroyed will consume a Bouncing Artillery Life (B.A.L).

Free demo available on Google Play!  Please watch the Game Play video for more information.